Touch of North

Birch&Tales is a Finnish interior panel designer and manufacturer who brings the charisma of patinated birch to walls of homes and public spaces. We create design elements that are unique, ecological and fascinating – and touched by northern nature.


Interior panel of
Finnish Birch

Birch&Tales interior panels are easy to fit and install. Panels are available in two standard sizes, 61×60 cm ja 61×120 cm, which you can combine as you like. We can also customize panels according to customer’s wishes.

Height 61 cm, Width 60 cm

Height 61 cm, Width 120 cm


Please, sit down – I have a story for you. It was written by the northern rain, wind and snow. And it’s all on these walls, on their lively surfaces, wavy patterns and varying colors. Can you see it?

Examples of usage


Cafes and shops

Public spaces