Story of

In a small Finnish town of Karstula – in forestry landscapes surrounded by lakes – lies stacks of beautiful birch boards one after another. They’ve seen how summer turns into a leafless autumn, and they’ve followed how fresh grass pushes its way towards the sky after winter. Their unique surfaces adorn walls of homes, cafes, hotels and shopping centers. But that hasn’t always been the case.

In 20’th century, the sawmill of Leppänen had rarely a lazy day. Men worked hard to provide boards for furniture industry, and the surrounding green forests had plenty of beautiful birch. However, things took a turn to worse and Finnish furniture industry was faced with difficult times. Stacks of birch boards were piled one after another, just in case they were needed again. But the demand for birch board tailed off and the focus shifted to other materials.

The boards, however, stayed outside in the lumber yard. Years went by, and outdoor climate started to show on their surfaces. Biting frost, whipping rain and beating sun painted their stories on them with varying brushes. Swirly patterns, sharp cuts, leather-like surfaces: structures that cannot be found anywhere else. They are like the ancient, northern sagas that conceal tales full of mystique on their leathery pages.

The beautiful patterns stole our attention immediately, and we wanted to give a new life to all those boards. We worked on the boards at the sawmill night after night, looking for a solution that highlights their outstanding character the most. In our visions was a unique interior design material that would bring warmth and joy to every space.

As a result, Birch&Tales interior panel was born. An interior decoration material, whose individual surface is a piece of art made by northern nature. Now those exquisite boards have a new life on the walls of homes, cafes and hotels. There they share their stories – the kinds that we can only dream of. What tales do they tell you?